TH400 Doubler


The TH400 version is the GM Kit.  You do not have to have TH400 transmission, but rather the NP 205 that has the big input bearing. 90MM or that has a female input gear (TH400 version of the 205).

This kit is made from three pieces:

The TH400 kit is made from three pieces: The fig. 8 bolt pattern is welded to the ring, and then machined flat. The ring that is welded to the 203 plate has a dia. of 7.5″. With this diameter the ring is aprox. 1″ from the bolt circle. Providing a very strong adapter.

The TH400 doubler kit has an oil seal included and installed to keep the fluids separate. There is also a vent hole with a 1/8″ pipe to barb fitting included. This is for the venting of the NP203 only.

I can set the rotation of your 205 to what you want… But the two most popular is either stock or up 2″ or 12 degrees…