Welcome to JED’s Machining LLC

Welcome to JED’s Machining LLC

I offer very competitive prices on NP203 adapter kits to get the most crawl for your dollar. I can help you determine which kit is best for your truck or rock buggy. The double up kit isn’t just for the rock crawler crowd. The addition of a 2:1 reduction, improves the over all performance in mud also. It allows you to keep the 1.95:1 ratio in the NP205 for the high horse power rigs that can use lots of wheel speed, but still allow them to have control of in rocks with 4:1 and other obstacles that benefit from low gears and control. The majority of us that do not have big HP; it’s a must in the mud, allowing the use of 2 or 3 gears, putting as much power with gears to the wheels as possible.

If your looking to increase the off road crawling performance of your rig, by adding a NP203 in front of your 205 or your current transfer case.
The kit with the NP203 will add 5.75″ for the 203 portion and 3″ for the 205 adapters. The DANA300 Kit is 3.25″ in length. While the Newer round bolt pattern of the GM NP205, with the long input gear, is 5.25″.

NP203 to Np205 adapters to double you low range
Drive Train Parts • NP 435 Short Shaft Kits • One of a kind custom adapters.

I have been building the 203/205 adapters since 1998… In 2004 I went full time using CNC machines (in house) I am able to bring you high precision adapters.

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