The NP 203 to NP 205 adapter is the main adapter I build.  I make it for the Ford transfercases with 31 spline inputs. NP 205, NP 208...  For the GM 205, the 205 needs to be the TH400 version case, with the big bearing input  (32 spline).   

 I do offer the np203 to Dana 300 adapter for lighter and lower powered 4x4's...

All of my adapters are built out of steel for strength and fabrication adaptabilty.

I offer a kit for the 203/205 adapters for the triple stick shifters as well... Give me a call for more info..


Our Products

he TH400 kit is made from three pieces:
The fig. 8 bolt pattern is welded to the ring, and then machined flat. This is only needed on this piece.

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