Ford Doubler

This adapter is built from 2 pieces, then machined  with a step to fit togeather and then welded. A very strong adapter... The round bolt pattern of the 205 lends its self to putting two other rotations in the adapter for the 205 to bolt up to. 8 degrees apart, which give you 3 rotations with 16 degrees of rotation over all.

Cost for the Ford 205 adapter is $490 If you chose to have your stock 203 shaft resplined. Which hold up quite well.

If you want a new billet 8620 shaft with the ford adapter, then the cost is $635.


 Ford np 203 to np 205 adapter

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he TH400 kit is made from three pieces:
The fig. 8 bolt pattern is welded to the ring, and then machined flat. This is only needed on this piece.

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